Team Members



James started his career at Marty’s Barn Cellar in the summer of 1999, making him the most familiar smile in the store. His favorite part about working at Marty’s is “creating peace in people’s homes and the amazing generational customers.” Since starting at Marty’s, James married his wife, Aletta, in 2008. A few years later they welcomed daughters Isabelle in 2014 and Piper in 2017. When James is not helping customers complete their visions at Marty’s, he enjoys woodworking, cycling, and spending time with family.



Jeremy started working at Marty’s in April 2022 after a short time in the US Navy where he was certified as a mechanic for nuclear propulsion plants. He enjoys working for a small business on a small team because of the personal relationships he develops with both his co-workers and customers. While not on the showroom floor or delivering furniture, Jeremy enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and going for hiking with friends.


Erin & Joshua

Erin Mclaughlin-Eller and Joshua Eller purchased Marty's Barn Cellar from Erin's parents, Mike and Colleen McLaughlin, in September 2022. Erin can be found at Marty's daily as she continues improving all aspects of business operations, while her and her team craft an environment supporting amazing customer experiences extending into many beautiful CNY homes across generations. Josh is an American Poet, social and technical engineer with nearly a decade of experience innovating in telecommunications optical-metrology spaces. He joined the Elbridge Fire Department in September 2023, as part of his lifelong commitment to Peace on Earth. Erin and Josh have two children, with a third expected in spring 2024. Raegan (June 2020) and Emrys (August 2022) were born with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD) resulting in profound and possibly irrecoverable hearing loss. They're learning American Sign Language (ASL) together as a family in these early years. While a young family grows together with communication being limited, they express love through action daily.

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Boots arrived at Marty’s in summer 2018. She appeared in the back yard quite malnourished, but friendly. We offered her food and water and she stuck around. As the weather became colder, we brought her to the vet for a health check and updated shots so she could live inside and interact with customers. Boot(er)s spent nearly five years in the twilight of her life peacefully lounging in sunlight and greeting Marty's visitors. Her health began declining rapidly in late summer 2023, until she hopped off into the sunset on a warm September night. While Marty's feline companion is gone, she is not forgotten.